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Check out the links offered by the American College of Nurse Midwives through their resources

What is Physiologic Birth?

Protecting, Promoting, and Supporting Physiologic Birth



Penny Simkin’s YouTube Channel Topics
Penny Simkin YouTube Chanel
Delayed Cord Clamping-Penny Simkin
Pain versus Suffering in birth- Penny Simkin
The Essence of Coping with Labor
Slow Dancing in Labor
Singing to the baby


Breastfeeding Resources-Stanford University
Successful Breastfeeding Begins Right at Birth
Early Initiation of Breastfeeding
ABCs of Breastfeeding
Maximizing Milk Production
The Well Fed Baby Checklist Use this handy checklist to assess your breastfeeding
Breast Milk and Medications  Resources on safety of medications while breastfeeding
A Perfect Latch
Hand Expressing Milk
Babies at Risk  Additional information about mothers and babies who may be at risk of lactation failure
Breast Milk Storage and Shipping

Local Breastfeeding Support and Resources

Nevada’s Breastfeeding Website

La Leche League of Nevada

Northern Nevada Leader information
Pumping Essentials a great resource for moms wanting to choose a breastpump through their insurance program. Have numerous supplies available for purchase. Check out their FAQ for many answers.

Other Resources for Natural Childbirth

Spinning Babies
Baby Grower Blog

 Essential Oil Usage in Labor  a doula's guide to using aromatherapy during labor.

Evidence Based Birth

  A resource that is highly recommended for answering your questions and especially for helping you explain your decisions to family and concerned friends

Evidenced Based Birth -Water Birth
The Evidence on Advanced Maternal Age
Breech Babies

What is the Evidence for Vitamin K

What is the Evidence if your Water Breaks before Labor

What is the Evidence on Eye Ointment

The Evidence for Doulas
Evidence on the Safety of Waterbirth 


Aviva Romm – Integrative medicine for women and children

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog  Transformational Health for women

stayteen.org great resource for answering teen questions
Bedsider.org Great resources for questions regarding birth control topics
Go Ask Alice Another good resource for teens
Our Bodies, Ourselves Well respected resource on women’s health
USFDA For Women Information on medications and other topics specific to women’s health

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