Women's Primary Care


What is women's primary care?

Care that addresses the healthcare needs of women including:

Minor health complaints: sore throat, sinus problems

Stable health problems that require monitoring, thyroid, blood pressure

Depression and anxiety education and management

Annual exams, STI testing

Counseling on contraceptives, family planning methods

Planning for a healthy future pregnancy

Hormonal replacement and coping strategies for perimenopause

Lifestyle evaluation and risk reduction techniques

A foundation principle of our care philosophy

 is that lifestyle is the most important medicine an individual can use to achieve optimal wellness. With this in mind we encourage frequent evaluation of how lifestyle may contribute to risk for development of illness.

We will help you to look at your lifestyle to evaluate how it may impact your current and future health. In addition we believe that a healthy lifestyle is achieved best in a supportive community of interested individuals who develop relationships of accountability and encouragement. To aid in the development of such communities we are actively forming groups and activities which provide such an environment.

Please tell us about the groups you would find helpful.

Rather avoid prescription drugs but need a boost to your system? Come talk it over with us and we can make some recommendations based on your goals and preferences and our knowledge of alternate remedies. We will work with you so you can achieve your health goals.  

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in local healthcare.

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