Changes! Growth!

Re-Evaluation. . .

Changes in life! Exciting! Scary! Lots of other emotions too. 

Currently Carson Midwifery is undergoing some major changes, including moving to a new office space, and reorganizing that comes with such a move.

The change will be good, but not simple as it involves going to a smaller space, downsizing means decisions about what is kept and what is discarded.

Additionally there is the emersion in the never-ending rounds of plan drafting, submission, rejection, revision, resubmission, calculation of build-out costs, negotiations for lease for the long-awaited Great Basin Birth Center. It’s happening but much more slowly than I had imagined.

Someone recently asked me why I continue to pursue this dream of getting a birth center opened in Carson City. So in no particular order, here are some of the reasons:

  1. Carson City is the capital, we will be near where decisions are made about Nevada health care options.
  2. Midwifery care needs to be provided in spaces other than those owned and commanded by the medical hierarchy in order to have its most autonomous existence.
  3. Proximity to a medical center for appropriate transfer of care when needed.

So for now relocation is happening slowly but surely over the next 10 days. Our first undertaking at the new office will be an open house / Breastfeeding Support Group on Thursday, August 3. Come join us 1:30-2:30. There’ll be tea and lactation cookies! IBCLC/Midwife to answer questions. Baby scale available for weighing. Peruse our lending library of books and videos.